Shop Manager Deiberica Limited: Hong Kong Central

Deiberica is looking for a Shop Manager for its retail shop in CENTRAL Hong Kong,

Deiberica is one of the most recognized companies for offering Iberico Ham and meat as well as other high end spanish products,

To reinforce the shop management Deiberica is looking for a Shop manager with the following skills,

  • Spanish citizen with knowledge about the Iberico culture
  • Ham cutting ability
  • fluent in English ( Cantonese would be also high appreciated )

Job description and requirements:

  1. Generate and drive store sales to meet and exceed targets and operational goals, by leading assistants and team members to perform “WOW” levels of customer service, relationship sales techniques and strategies, and merchandizing,
  2. Develop, implements and monitors a store plan to increase sales.
  3. Manage staff for performance and results
  4. Demonstrate leadership techniques that constantly recognize and encourage positive work of employees by sharing knowledge and insight in a meaningful and supportive manner (tell them), demonstrating methods (show them) and coaching them, and observing and following-up on needed improvements (have them show you).

5 Maintain high standards, and tough in expectations, but fair and impartial in application of standards.municates sales targets and goals and holds staff accountable for performance

6 Extensive knowledge of  retail business, products, and customers.

7 Demonstrated ability to exceed sales performance standards.

8 Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills required. Must be able to effectively communicate, delegate, motivate, coach, teach and direct people as they work.

9 Proven organizational ability required along with ability to multi-task in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment.

10 Proven ability to apply sales techniques and processes and use them adeptly with a wide variety of customers.

11 Thorough knowledge of merchandizing, workplace safety, and loss control is necessary.

12 Working knowledge of personnel supervisory techniques is required, including coaching and discipline, and leadership techniques

13 Typically the minimum qualifications would be Bachelor’s degree in related discipline or equivalent experience required and three+ years  retail management experience.

14 Three+ years management experience, sales experience and 6 years merchandizing experience preferred.

15 Ability to work 50-60 hours per week, including weekend days, typically with no two consecutive days off other than paid time off.

Core Leadership Behaviors required for these tasks:

  • Communication – Job requires creating a communicative atmosphere in which employee, customer, and management perspectives are freely exchanged and understood and customer needs responded to.

Manager will have tough expectations but be collaborative when possible and encourage group dialog and be adept at coaching and mentoring throughout the organization.

  • Influence – demonstrates leadership, enthusiasm and excitement, builds rapport and garners support, inspires and motivates people. Sets the example in policy and procedure. Constantly interacts with employees.
  • Relationships – Seeks to understand each employee through communication and respect and utilize their individual skills. Requires being a good listener and being open to ideas and input. Acts as calming and defusing force in employee conflict and problems.
  • Delegation and Organization – Job requires properly delegating work and performing work through subordinates, rather than personally doing the sales and merchandising work. Establishes task expectations and monitors progress, status, and adherence to the guidelines or standards established.
  • Management Priorities and Strategy – Job requires being able to prioritize the most critical issues, set direction, and look at the long term, big picture and be strongly goal oriented.
  • Work Ethic and Integrity – Job requires focus and staying “close” to and engaged with the business. Is objective and fair-minded in all dealings. Takes responsibility and welcomes and improves with criticism. Exhibits professionalism and courtesy in all interactions.
  • Confidence and Motivation – Job requires an assertive and confident leadership that can make tough calls and inspire confidence in and motivate others. Must be comfortable in praising and recognizing others and giving others credit when due.

Ensure team members seek out customers and build productive and valued relationships with customers by active engagement on the floor and drive sales.

Responsible to make sure every shopper in the store receives outstanding service, finds a friendly environment and is communicated with properly and effectively so they become buyers and repeat customers and feel they are treated like a guest.

Coach and teach product knowledge by constantly training staff, answering questions, and describing competitive advantages.

Directs staff in sales techniques, such as “soft selling,” determining customer needs by questions, informing, recognizing buying signals, recommending and demonstrating, handling objections, and using appropriate closing techniques, helping shoppers become buyers.

Plans, coordinates, and oversees the implementation of in-store promotions, seasonal changes, clearances processes, and rain checks.

Maintains WOW merchandising, directs resets and moves, and ensures overall store appearance and presentation meets company standards at all times, striving to be “picture perfect.”

Management and Supervisory Responsibilities,


Fix contract

Base Salary: HKD 18.000 + comission + Health inssurance

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Instagram: @deiberica


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