Anfield Parent Education Seminar

anfieldAnfield Parend Education Seminar

Unraveling The Golden Thread

26th April 2017

6.30PM – 7.30pm

Hong Kong Science Museum

Yo are invited to a parent seminar presented by Denise Jarrett, Principal of Anfield Kindergartens. Denise has worked with young children for 48 years as Maternity Nurse, Teacher, Principal and Strategic Lead on an Education Authority in the U.K. before joining Anfield in January 2011. This seminar will explore the role of expressive and receptive language in the development of higher order thinking skills and problem solving. Evidence suggests these skills will become more crucial in coming years.

How children’s conceptual understanding and comprehension develope thourgh language acquisition is fascinating. Research shows that parental involvement in their child’s early years education is more likely to lead to success in adulthood. However, to be involved, parents need to be informed.


Literacy is a web of the interwoven skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing forming a golden thread. This golden thread allows us to access art, mathematics, literature, science, anthropology and so on; in fact the whole curriculum and of course life experiences which otherwise we may not be able to access.

If you are interested in supporting your child’s development, then come along to the seminar to find out how.

Registration is required:

Please email us at to register your attendance giving your information (name, mobile number and email address) and the number of adults who will be attending. Places are allocated on a first-come first served basis as space is limited. We will send you an email if your request is confirmed.

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