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China Consultants is a global group of companies engaged in such strategic sectors as; services, construction, tourism, industrial parks, fairs and events, logistics, and hospitality. Having all the same common denominator: CHINA as a market China Consultants, was founded in 1988, in the cusp of the development of the People’s Republic of China’s market, and has taken advantage of the impressive growth of the Chinese market to position itself in several sectors in which it is present today.

The first sector in which we were present was as consultants, this has given us great knowledge of Spanish companies with interests in China, as well as Chinese companies with interests in the European market, where Spain plays a major role, in distributing to both southern Europe, and throughout the Mediterranean market.

The group has its Chinese headquarters in Hong Kong and its Spanish headquarters, in Barcelona. The group also has branches operating in Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Chongqing and Jiyuan.

Under the sector of “consulting services” which is what gave birth to the company, we continue to operate in the three major Chinas that we’ve seen over the years, they are; China production: acting in areas such as industrial complexes, production contractual arrangements, control and monitoring of the entire purchasing process and everything that can help companies to improve their margins in production

Consuming China: with long experience in contractual agreements, distribution and brand positioning in the market, marketing plans and everything that can help companies discover the great power of consumption that the new China of XXI century has to offer.

China investment: with capital investments already made by China in the Spanish territory and with huge potential for growth in this market segment, taking major relevance to, the presence of Chinese capital in procurement of established European brands or as investments in distribution of its products in areas of Spanish influence.

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