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Wise Treasure Consultants Ltd is a well established and registered company located at Hong Kong. Management team members are mostly Spanish and they are experienced in managed investment and property management in Spain. We are linked with associates (mainly legal and accounting firms) in Spain in order to enhance our first hand information.

Our professional management team and lawyer support will create tailor-made service and diversified concepts at customer ideal vantage point. “Loyalty” is the principal of our company and conscientiously services to all our customers.

Our services:

  • Investment immigration to SPAIN

Property Investment Immigration, Enterprise Immigration, Professional Immigration

  • Overseas Education in SPAIN

Overseas studies, Professional training Courses, Leisure activities Programmes

  • Consultancy

Accounting , Taxes, Laws, Company Secretary, Enterprise Development, Visas, Immigration, Overseas Studies, Occupation and Settlement Advise

  • General Investment in SPAIN

Capital Investment, Property Investment, Corporate Investment, Government Bonds, Debenture ans Stock

  • Translation

We offer professional translators, who work into their mother tongues only, to have document translation in English and Spanish

  • Other Services


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