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Relations Between Spain and Latin America

Latin America is one of the main places for the foreign policy of Spain. Human, historical, social, cultural, political, economic and linguistic ties have made a good relations between, Latin America and Spain. Nowadays, Spain aims to achieve relations on an equal footing and balanced with all that make up Latin America. In addition, Spain is a key player in relations between Europe and the countries of the region.

Spain is now one of the main investors in Latin America, with a strong presence in Key sectors of the development process and social modernization such as banking, energy, communications, construction and infrastructure management, tourism of the provision of services public.

Spanish culture has crystallized in a rich variety of demonstrations, on either side of the Atlantic, which has not only highlighted the valuable heritage of indigenous cultures and ancestral, but has reached high levels of quality in all its manifestations contemporary deservedly occupy a prestigious place in the world today (Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación).