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Women in Business

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce is devoted to promoting gender diversity in the workplace.

As such, the Women in Business Committee aims to strengthen the visibility and success of women in the business world.  The committee focuses its efforts on empowering women to reach their full potential, seeking to further advance their careers through meaningful initiatives that will:

(1)   Broaden their knowledge and career opportunities;

(2)   Strengthen their management and leadership skills; and

(3)   Build long-term relationships with peers from diverse industries and backgrounds.

For further information or to join the commitee, please feel free to contact us.

Or visit our Facebook page here.

Members of the Committee

Organization Representative Person
Banco Santander Patricia Alvarez de Ron Vega
IPEX Marisa Flores
Spanish Delicacy Johanna Gonzalez
Banco Santander Maria Lopez
Banco Santander Blanca Catena
Banco Santander Isabel Ye Qingqing
Banco Santander Blanca María Terroba De Aramburu
360 Experience Mar Basterra
China Consultants Igna Turro
Individual Member Cristina Moroño
Individual Member Lourdes Petit