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Amaranto Asia Ltd.

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At Amaranto we work closely with clients to define the best solution considering both efficacy and efficiency. At Amaranto we strive to make the most of our clients’ financial, technological and human resources.

We own one of the most successful digital signage networks in Spain and Hong Kong, ( is the next generation digital out of home (DOOH) Media Company. We manage a network of displays, connected in real-time to the cloud. Everything is managed from a software platform, integrating a

Content Management System (CMS), tools to measure audience/campaign impact and an interactive tool for users to interact with the displays. network locations in Hong Kong have a huge potential for advertisers. Our network locations are currently spread in the areas of Central (SOHO and LKF), Wanchai, TST, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and

Prince Edward. The locations are all following the below listed criteria:

  • They are all businesses in the F&B industry, i.e. restaurants, bars and/or night clubs: visitors/clients of these restaurants/bars are all consumers of your products. And for those advertisers in the F&B industry (wine, jamon iberico, olive oil, cheese, etc…) we try to help you to _nd a double synergy so that restaurant/bar will become a high potential buyer/client of your products. Therefore, you not only get the exposure by advertising on but also direct buyers of your products.
  • White collar crowd making the visitors very potential and attractive buyers for your products/brands.
  • Well geo-located/HIGH EXPOSURE locations: is at the street level of the Hong Kong prime districts Central (SOHO and LKF), Wanchai, TST, Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Prince Edward. By doing that, we make sure that all our network locations are spots with a considerable amount of audience surrounding our media causing extreme high levels of exposure and impact to your campaigns.
  • 40” high definition SAMSUNG displays: every location has a 40” high definition Samsung display installed very strategically in order to get the most/maximum exposure.

If you would like to promote your business, can reach your target right away! can help you SHOW EVERYONE.

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