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With more than three decades of experience in importing food from over 20 countries and regions of the world, we explore the best of the best gourmet food from the world with continuation of professional dedications to the markets.

Adored by the Mediterranean weather, Spain has the second largest agricultural areas in Western Europe. Her fine food has been drawing the world’s attention, particularly the Spanish Ibérico Bellota cured ham, the Jewel of Spain, which stands highest on her reputation in gourmet food world. We specialize in the selection of the highest quality Iberico Bellota-Acorn cured hams, cured sausages, and Ibérico pork cuts. In addition, we also carry what can only be considered as the finest food Spain has to offer, such as high nutrient, high quality, and reputable cheese from Manchego, the limited production premium olive oil, olive oil with lycopene under world inventive patent of processing, 100 year old aged brandy, cava designated for the Royal Wedding of the Princess of Spain and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, traditional aged vinegar processed with “solera-criadera” (controlled continuous mixing of similar vinegars of different ages), etc. We wish all the luxury food lovers and smart consumers can communicate well with the best gourmet food from Spain, we therefore establish The First Spanish Jamón Museo and Tasting Point in Asia.

Our team is professional in gourmet food, knowledgeable of food safety, and understand the food culture. We provide quality services and offer recommendations of “The Best of the Best” gourmet food from Spain to our clients.

Please join us for the Spanish Gastronomic journey and partake in the best of Spain has to offer.

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