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Founded in Spain, ARTE engages in the design and manufacturing of jewelry that feature pronounced augmentations of passion, noble glamour and vogue both classic and modern, which make each design fit for any occasion and attire. ARTE’s uniqueness s lies in its ability to continuously invent innovative stone-cutting methods that are in line with the ever-changing fashion trend. Each masterpiece from ARTE is meticulously designed by renowned European jewelry designers and handcrafted by experienced craftsman, which guarantees the birth of the finest masterpieces.

Over the years, ARTE has managed to achieve widespread popularity throughout Asia. The company owes its success to its unique artistry in jewelry designs, exquisite craftsmanship and innovative stone-cutting methods, which make each creation shed incisive sparkle.

Consequently, the escalating demand for ARTE products has lead to establishment of over 50 shops in Hong Kong, Greater China and other parts of Asia. Moreover, the astounding jewels of ARTE can also be purchased in the air from major airliners with more to come very soon. ARTE sees an optimistic future for affordable fine jewelry and plans to expand its retail network on a global basis.

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Partnership Program

Our partnership program aims at supporting interested parties in promoting and expanding their businesses globally. Our formidable sales network and abundant wealth of experience in the fashion jewelry industry empowers us with the knowledge and capability to take care of your business needs.

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