7 May: Latest News Regarding Coronavirus

Author: Spanish Chamber

The latest and up-to-date news below is collected from the Spanish Consulate in Hong Kong website.




Hong Kong: ayer no ha habido nuevos casos positivos de coronavirus COVID-19, con lo que el total desde el inicio asciende a 1.040 (+0), además de 1 caso probable. Ha habido un total de 4  fallecidos, 127 se encuentran hospitalizados (+10) y 932 pacientes (+12) han sido dados de alta.


Macao no registra nuevos casos desde hace 27 días y se mantiene con un total de 45 desde el comienzo de la enfermedad, 39 de ellos dados ya de alta. Ningún fallecido.


CHP announces no new local confirmed cases of COVID-19

18-day sitrep of new infections (most recent figure first) 
- 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 2, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 2, 0, 2, 4, 4, 0, 2 

Public hospitals daily update on COVID-19 cases 

Scientific Committee on Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases (SCEZD) meeting reviews management of COVID-19 patients 
The SCEZD reached a consensus on the following recommendations based on the prevailing scientific evidence on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. Confirmed patients of COVID-19 can be released from isolation if: 

(i) 10 days have passed since the onset of illness (or collection of the first positive sample for those who did not have any symptoms all along); and 
(ii) Their clinical conditions improve and they are afebrile; and 
(iii) Either: 

  • With two clinical specimens of the same type (i.e. respiratory or stool) tested negative for RT-PCR for SARS-CoV-2 taken at least 24 hours apart. For patients whose stool specimen(s) ever tested positive, they should have two negative stool specimens collected 24 hours apart before release from isolation; or

  • Tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibody.


Anti-epidemic Fund Steering Committee convenes fifth meeting 

Close to 1.38 million registered for free reusable CuMask+™ 

The registration period for CuMask+™ will last for one month till June 6. 

AFCD continues closure of barbecue sites and campsites in country parks until May 20 

Lifting of certain social distancing measures under Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance. From May 8 up to 8 people would be allowed to gather in public or dine together and bars, gyms, cinemas, beauty, and massage parlours, as well as other entertainment venues, will be allowed to reopen.  
The Government will gazette the directions and amendments under the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F) and the Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation (Cap. 599G) as appropriate to relax some of the social distancing measures in relation to catering business, scheduled premises and group gathering in public places. The latest measures will come into effect from May 8, 2020 for 14 days till May 21, 2020.

Transcript of remarks of press conference 
"If the situation continues to stay at the current level, no local cases, very few imported cases, then at the end of the 14-day period - that is May 22 - will be the time for more relaxation. On the other hand, if the situation turns a bit more tricky with suddenly a local case surfacing, then we will have to go back, maybe, to some suppression measures.  That's why we said that we really have to monitor the situation very closely in order to take the necessary and pertinent response measures." - CE Carrie Lam   


Arrangements on LCSD (Leisure and Culture) public services
Those to be reopened on May 11 are all indoor leisure facilities. They are badminton courts, squash courts, table tennis rooms/tables, the cycling track of Hong Kong Velodrome, indoor golf driving bays, indoor bowling greens, indoor jogging tracks and indoor tennis courts.

Secondary three to secondary five students will be back to school from 27 May, followed by younger secondary and older primary school pupils on June 8 and third-year kindergarten and younger primary schoolchildren on June 15.  International schools will be allowed to resume classes on May 20. Summer holidays may be shortened by up to three weeks.



Phased resumption of public services as epidemic situation stabilizes from May 4



Entry restrictions on non-Hong Kong residents coming from overseas extended until further notice

 -        The Hong Kong SAR Government restricts any Hubei residents and non-Hong Kong residents who have visited the Hubei Province in the past 14 days upon arrival from entering Hong Kong since January 27, 2020.

 -      With effect from 0.00am on March 25, 2020 until further notice, all non-Hong Kong residents coming from overseas countries and regions by plane will be denied entry to Hong Kong; and non-Hong Kong residents coming from the Mainland, Macao and Taiwan will be denied entry to Hong Kong if they have been to any overseas countries and regions in the past 14 days.


All transit services at the Hong Kong International Airport will also continue to be suspended until further notice.


Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong (Amendment) Regulation 2020 gazetted 


·         Inbound travellers from the Mainland, Macao or Taiwan, including Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong residents, are subject to compulsory quarantine at designated places (home or other accommodation) apart from the exempted persons under the "Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation". 


·         Hong Kong residents arriving in Hong Kong who have been to any overseas countries or areas in the past 14 days are subject to compulsory quarantine at designated places (home or other accommodation) apart from the exempted persons under the "Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation".


·         All inbound travellers who are subject to the compulsory quarantine specified above should not have any symptoms and should have passed temperature checks upon entry. Those with symptoms will be referred to the Department of Health (DH) for further handling. Arrivals holding a visa with validity of less than 14 days will be denied entry.


·         The exemption of person or category of persons from compulsory quarantine arrangement under the "Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation" will be broadened to include persons who need to enter Hong Kong in receiving or providing nursery, kindergarten, primary or secondary education at any school registered under the Education Ordinance in Hong Kong or for the safe travelling of these persons for the abovementioned purpose, including cross-boundary students and related personnel and service providers; and persons whose travelling is necessary for purposes relating tomanufacturing operations, business activities or the provision of professional services in the interest of Hong Kong's economic development. Details on the above exemption arrangement (including how to make application for exemption to relevant departments) will be announced in due course. Exempted persons will be subject to medical surveillance under the DH during their stay in Hong Kong and will be required to wear masks and check temperature daily for reporting to the DH.


·         Starting from April 22, 2020, all asymptomatic inbound travellers arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport will be mandated to wait for test results at a designated location after collecting their deep throat saliva samples for conducting testing for COVID-19 at DH's Temporary Specimen Collection Centre (TSCC) at AsiaWorld-Expo. Passengers arriving by flights in early mornings and later mornings will stay at the TSCC to wait for test results after collecting their deep throat saliva samples there. They will receive the test results on the same day. As the test results for passengers arriving in afternoons or at nights will not be available on the same day, they will be taken to the DH Holding Centre for Test Result in the Regal Oriental Hotel by coaches arranged by the DH to wait for their test results.


Ante la disminución o cancelación de frecuencias aéreas, prohibición de tránsitos  e imposición de cuarentenas, además de cierres adicionales de fronteras aéreas en terceros países, si se encuentra como turista, en viaje de negocios o en tránsito en Hong Kong o en Macao, se recomienda entrar en contacto con su compañía o agencia de viajes para confirmar su regreso a España.


Naturalmente, siga en todo momento las instrucciones de las autoridades locales respectivas:

·  A person must not leave the place of quarantine in which the person is placed under quarantine under section 3 without permission given by an authorized officer.

·  A person against whom a quarantine order is made must not contravene the terms of quarantine specified in the order.

·  A person who, without reasonable excuse, contravenes subsection (1), (2) or (4) commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine at level 4 [Note: HKD25,000, and to imprisonment for 6 months.]


Relief measures: Tax payment deadline automatically extended by three months 



China suspende temporalmente la entrada de extranjeros a partir de las 00.00am del día 28 de marzoGuangdong and Shenzhen authorities announced that all inbound travellers (including those from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, and Taiwan, and transit passengers), regardless of their destinations, are required to take COVID-19 nucleic acid tests and to undergo a 14-day quarantine. With effect from 8am on April 28, 2020, travellers entering Shenzhen via Shenzhen ports will be required to stay at a designated quarantine centre for 14 days for medical observation.




The Immigration Department announced has resumed full public services on May 4.

Call 2824 6111 or send an email for enquiries.



Prórroga de visado en Hong Kong


El departamento de Inmigración de HK informa que, a la vista de las circunstancias de emergencia sanitaria, los interesados en solicitar la prórroga de su visado podrán hacerlo presentando la documentación siguiente:

Extension Section (5/F):

- Application Form ID91

- Original passport

- Copy of passport

- landing slip given on arrival

- flight cancellation if any


Inmigración resolverá discrecionalmente caso por caso en función de las circunstancias y la motivación alegada.

If there are cases of people that need to activate their work visa by leaving HK and then re-enter, they need to contact the Visa Employment Section on 20/F.


Passenger immigration clearance services: Except for the Hong Kong International Airport, Shenzhen Bay and Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Control Points, clearance services in other immigration control points will remain suspended until further notice. Operating hours have been adjusted.



Enlaces útiles


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Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirement and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation 

Compulsory Quarantine of Persons Arriving at Hong Kong from Foreign Places Regulation 
- Expires June 18 

Prevention and Control of Disease (Disclosure of Information) Regulation 

Compulsory Quarantine of Certain Persons Arriving at Hong Kong Regulation 
- Expires at midnight on 7 June 

WHO Coronavirus website 

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Fact Sheet: Hong Kong’s multi-pronged response to COVID-19 

All press releases May 6 

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Possibility of mutual recognition for the health status of cross-border travellers to avoid the necessity of doubling quarantine periods for travellers



Two of Macau’s main border checkpoints have resumed their normal operating hours at 6 a.m. Sunday 03/05/2020

  • Macau’s Barrier Gate checkpoint at the Zhuhai land border will operate between 6 a.m. and 1 a.m. daily.

  • The Macau-Zhuhai checkpoint on the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will operate between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.



The QR three-colour code system started operating at 9 a.m. on Sunday April 3 when it will replace the bureau’s digital health declaration that is required at border checkpoints and for entering public administration premises, casinos and other venues.



Medical certificate required from air passengers bound for Macau

All air passengers – including Macau residents – must obtain a certificate confirming that they have tested negative for COVID-19 before they are allowed to board their flight to Macau. Three measures on passengers who are about to board flights:

-      airlines must ensure that the passengers meet Macau’s current entry measures in response to the COVID-19 threat.

-      certificate confirming that they have tested negative for COVID-19 within seven days prior to their intended flight.

-      passengers must have their temperature checked before boarding the flight.



Exemptions could be made if a resident’s return is necessary or mandatory, as well as when such a certificate is unobtainable in the place in which they are staying.


Bridge-linked cities of Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macau would recognize Coronavirus-free certificates issued by certain medical institutions



·  People (HK/Macau ID holders) who have been in quarantine in Hong Kong will have to undergo quarantine in Macau.

·  Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng further tightened the city’s entry rules to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), such as a ban on travellers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan who have been overseas in the past 14 days.

·  According to the new measures, travellers from mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan who haven’t been abroad in the past 14 days prior to their arrival here will still be allowed to enter Macau. However, they will be subject to 14 days of medical surveillance at a government-designated hotel (informally known as “quarantine hotel”). According to previous government announcements, the 14-day stay costs MOP 5,600 (US$700).

·  Foreign non-residents have been barred from entry since March 19. There is no date for the lift of the ban.



Planned resumption of classes will be phased

·  Senior secondary classes will resume on 4 May

·  Junior secondary will resume on 11 May.

·  Between 27th and 30th April, teaching and non-teaching staff of secondary schools are the first to be tested to ensure that classes of senior and junior secondary schools can be resumed smoothly. The testing of teaching and non-teaching staff of other educational stages will be carried out in sequence in accordance with the arrangements for resumption of classes.

All cross-border teaching and non-teaching staff as well as students have to be tested once every seven days in order to travel freely to and from Zhuhai and Macao.Testing location in Macao: Former site of Children Comprehensive Evaluation Centre of Conde S. Januário Hospital C2




·  Primary school, infant education and special education will be announced separately depending on the novel coronavirus situation.





University of Macao

·  bachelor’s students graduating this academic year resumed classes on 20 April.

·  students not graduating this academic year will continue with distance learning until the end of this semester.

.  Before entering the classroom, students must cooperate with temperature measurement, wear a mask, disinfect their hands, and present their health declarations.


The government is working with mainland authorities on measures that can facilitate cross-border travels

The mechanism will likely be the “Health Code Scheme,” already in effect on the other side of the border.



Consumption subsidy smartcard spending started 01/05/2020



Os autocarros dourados, os únicos que ainda faziam a ligação entre Macau e Hong Kong, deixam de operar a partir do dia 6 de Abril. Táxis estão também suspensos, sendo que apenas carros privados vão poder fazer a viagem, ainda que com horários ajustados. Os transportes de mercadorias são os únicos que podem atravessar a ponte 24 horas. TDM Canal Macau


24-Hour Tourism Hotline +853 2833 3000


TDM Canal Macao: actualización sobre la situación Covid-19 en su página web y Facebook



Channel on Telegram (21.02.20)



The Government Information Bureau launched its “Government News Channel” on the Telegram messaging platform, to offer the public an additional, easily-accessible route to the latest official news. The address for the Chinese-language version is: https://t.me/macaogcs. For Portuguese it is: https://t.me/macaogcsPT. For English it is: https://t.me/macaogcsEN.







Enlaces de interés


Plan de desescalada







Normativa de referencia

Real Decreto 492/2020, de 24 de abril, por el que se prorroga el estado de alarma declarado por el Real Decreto 463/2020

Real Decreto 487/2020, de 10 de abril, por el que se prorroga el estado de alarma declarado por el Real Decreto 463/2020

Orden INT/239/2020, de 16 de marzo: Restablecimiento de los controles en las fronteras interiores terrestres

Real Decreto 463/2020, de 14 de marzo, por el que se declara el estado de alarma para la gestión de la situación de crisis sanitaria Covid-19

Orden INT/270/2020, de 21 de marzo, por la que se establecen criterios para la aplicación de una restricción temporal de viajes no imprescindibles

Real Decreto 476/2020, de 27 de marzo, por el que se prorroga el estado de alarma declarado por el Real Decreto 463/2020, de 14 de marzo.


Se recomienda consultar regularmente la página web de este Consulado Generalsu Twitter, las recomendaciones de viaje para China y, en su caso, las webs de nuestros Consulados Generales en PekínShanghai y Cantón.