Longino & Cardenal: Luxury Food Items Sale & Offerings

Author: Spanish Chamber

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Longino & Cardenal Ltd has been operating in Hong Kong for now over six years in supplying the rarest and most luxury food items to restaurants and hotels across Hong Kong and Macau.


In the current situation worldwide and in Hong Kong all our branches have decided to offer, now, our products to any private clients interested at the same price offered to restaurants and Hotels. We hope to help all food passionate with our products to enjoy a little this confinement.

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You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more information and ideas on our products as well as on our private Facebook group created by our headquarters in Italy.


This groups although in Italian offers you recipes, videos with our executive in house Longino Chef, and various posts from food lovers across Italy, and we hope soon across Hong Kong.


 Attached you will find the product selection we can offer for home deliveries, the mechanics are very simple, we kindly ask you to contact us at any of the numbers or by emails and we will take care of the rest!


[Product List & Ordering Form]